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Feb. 16th, 2010

things i am reading:
-"cash" by johnny cash
-"valley of the dolls" by jacqueline susann
-"let us now praise famous men" by james agee
-"pride and prejudice" by jane austen
-tons and tons and tons of film essays. tons.

just a note.

more books i want to read: "the history of love" and "the time-traveler's wife."

i need to finish "eat pray love" first, however.
BOOK CLUB!!! so i am sitting in my room because i should be doing something productive but instead i decide that though you never really existed, i miss you and need you in my life, but i look at the daunting book list and am intimidated, so, in lieu of productivity, i write down literally ALL of the books on the list on little pieces of paper and put them in a hat and draw five at random, thinking that maybe we can start with those books in that order. books are as follows:
1. the communist manifesto (hahaha)
1 alternate: jim morrison biography
2. the stranger by albert camus
3. gone with the wind
4. one flew over the cuckoo's nest
5. steal this book by abbie hoffman
6. love in the time of cholera
7. the lovely bones by alice sebold

what do you kids think?
excuse me, where did this go? i completely forgot about it.

dear book club,

it's too bad you died.

love sammi.

p.s. i finished the twilight series yesterday. eww.


Jun. 26th, 2008

maybe we could have meetings every other week?

Jun. 23rd, 2008

ew, let's read wuthering heights next. or east of eden. or one hundred years of solitude.

my first post.

i really love how this account is called "clawmachines." i just got it. like the claw machines. at perkins. duh. i don't know why it took me so long to make that connection. ANYWAY, i figured that i should probably post something since i was the only one (of three) who hadn't yet. i'm not really sure that i have anything of any real significance to write, but i'm about 150-ish pages or so into twilight and...i secretly adore it. today i watched the trailer. O.M.G. still, i hate to admit how much i'm enjoying it. these last few sentences were oh-so-hard to type. you want to know the truth? i just want to lay in my bed for a day with a cup of tea (make that a POT of tea) and read the entire thing. damn straight. also, once is not enough is going pretty good as well -- what do you guys think? oh, and what night are we book clubbing this week? wednesday may not work out for me this time around, but i'm not sure yet.

work tomorrow!



we're not mods, because the community is not mod...erated. i had to look it up, haha. but in a moderated community, mods are the ones who read entries before they are made public and make sure that they are appropriate and stuff.

i did make everyone a maintainer, though, which i think means that everyone has access to change the the community's icons, layout, profile, et al. i think. so have fun, do whatever you want. try it out, at least, if it doesn't work, i'll fix it.

the end. i'm going to read twilight part two some more. it really does suck, on top of making me really sad.